alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


**Bush Pledges Fight Against Evil**
Seriously. That's the original AP story headline. Someone at the AP had
to write that as the best synopsis of what Shrub has to say at a recent
GOP fundraiser. Bush actually said "Evil is evil, and we will fight it
with all our might." This item is included it here because I was
scanning the AP wires as usual for usable Fix tidbits and among the
usual prosaic stories about lawsuits and cloning and more lecherous
priests, sometimes a headline just jumps off the page of its own deadpan
soul-slapping ironic volition, seems to encapsulate all the layers of
karmic dread and massive sighing ennui and goes a long way toward
explaining the mad desire some of us enjoy on a daily basis to run far,
far away, run screaming into the woods with a case of Grey Goose and
some kalamata olives and a good Leatherman and the complete Yeats, and
"Bush Pledges Fight Against Evil" seems to sum it all up rather nicely.
Tags: political

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