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asleep at mal 9/09
zooom's car is all better 
6/13/02 11:27
asleep at mal 9/09
had to drop him off at work way early (6:45ish), but went home and napped for about 2 hours before getting ready for work... no desire to be here today, but such is life, am going to take a lunch break for a change to go run some errands (have to send off the fabric for the corset i ordered over the weekend and drop some other stuff off at fex-ex)... tonight i get to go out and dance and relax... bunch of bands playing at nation cause it is alchemy's 2nd b-day bash... mmmmm dancing
6/13/02 8:43 (UTC)
That's funny, whenever I go to Nation and dance I end up feeling like I fell down a flight of stairs the next day. I guess Alchemy isn't exactly my definition of "relaxing" because I don't go out enough :)
6/13/02 8:49 (UTC) - Re:
not exactly relaxing, i guess, but definate stress relief, and since i don't have to be at work til 11, i can still get a bit of sleep to help my muscles recover
6/13/02 8:50 (UTC)
I second your emotion on not wanting to be at work today. I felt like I got run over by a truck today, but since I am a temp, I don't get paid sick leave. sucky. so, I am here. and I will be out tonight, after a nap....see you later!