alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

blah - it's monday

i did have a good weekend though... friday night was quiet, went home, fixed dinner, curled up in my favorite chair and flew through a book (EAT ME - book about and featuring female eroitica)... good night's sleep, then up saturday to start laundry, run errands, and take heather fabric shopping... got some beautiful silks for a set of roman robes (zooom wants to do a roman/toga theme for his birthday) and some fabric for zooom... sat night went to dinner w/ zooom's family to celebrate father's day - mmmm mexican food, then a date with a very gorgeous girl... had fun at orpheus, she even got me dancing to goth music (boy was that wierd... i am so not a goth), then out to breakfast at the paper moon and home (where we discovered that my wonderful hubby had cleaned up the bedroom and lit some candles so we could have some romantic alone time... didn't get much sleep, but i certainly enjoyed my evening... sunday got out of bed about 10, started sewing projects... finished both zooom's camo shorts, one pocket left which i'll finish tonight on the ugly neon green jams, fixed 2 of my skirts as well... lots of people over yesterday... john & naiomi, isaac & cynthia, is, flame, kith, heather & john were all working on various projects, plus, kith and isaac had a brief fight practice out in the front yard... and my cute girl fixed breakfast - yummy eggs... we ordered chinese food for dinner, and spent a few hours discussing types of people we've dated... the list was quite long and amusing, i'll post it a bit later today... last night had a good conversation with my hubby (he seems a bit insecure about our relationship whenever i have a date with my girlfriend, even though i keep telling him and mean it that i'm not going anywhere) then the second marathon of sex in less than 24 hours... i'm very tired today, and my calf muscles are ridiculously sore... need a quiet day and some sleep to recover
Tags: creativity, dancing, dating, kink/sex, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open

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