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asleep at mal 9/09
tired, cranky... 
6/18/02 18:37
asleep at mal 9/09
apparently after managing to avoid the whole cold/flu thing zooom had all week he had do give it to me sunday evening... damn him... other than the fact that my body aches and my throat is hella sore, i'm ok - hope this goes away fast, i do not relish the idea of going to the amusment park sick this weekend!!
6/18/02 22:37 (UTC) - cold/flu thing
wasn't me at least.
am just about over the damned bug thing myself.
do not know what it is but is no fun.
somehow i think we all got it from the con.

in other news am looking forward to the weekend.
ride rides, ride rides....
6/19/02 8:22 (UTC) - Re: cold/flu thing
i am also looking forward to the weekend, hope this cold thing goes away by friday!