alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

my weekend

left work friday, ran a few errands, went home and loaded the car with gus & watson for kings dominion... it took us over 3 hours to make the drive (should have been 2 hour max) due to the as usual horrible traffic, but once we got there we had a terrific time... we waited out a rainstorm in line for the volcano (our 1st coaster of the day, and my fave at kd), then took a walk over to check out their new coaster, ricochet, which sucks... followed that with hypersonic (whee!!) and 3 runs on the hurler to end the night... across the parking lot to the econolodge for sleep, then up early to re-load the car, get ice and meet karen & ben in the parking lot for breakfast... started the day with some gently rides that the pregnant karen could ride, went out for noon gathering of the freaks and pictures... back inside to the water park - i like their version of the lazy river - not as crowded as the ones at 6 flags... we hit the wave pool and the completely dark waterslides... had lunch at the new ledo's inside the park - not as good as regular ledo's, but a damn site better than most amusement park food... after lunch, we went and rode grizzly, grouped at the bumper cars for afternoon pics and freak awards (gus won for best boots, falafel was of course the brightest of the spectrum, elizabeth won best cleavage, cosmo was the "most offensive in the eyes of god and man", and maggie was le grand freak - there were a few more i've forgotten)... after that we went to the car for some snacks and cold drinks, then came back inside and hit outer limits and the volcano to close out the day... hung out in the parking lot for a while, had sandwiches and wound down, then gus drove home (only took an hour and a half this time)... sleep good, then sunday was sewing circle/bells & jody visit... loads of people showed up this week - is, heather & john, holly, bells & jody, patrick, victor, his new girl, flame, kitten, zoe, karen & ben, gus, ryka & jareth, isaac & cynthia, john & naiomi, kith, watson, chris (speedbump), i'm sure i've forgotten someone... b-b-q'd burgers and had salads & devilled eggs for dinner... bells & jody headed for jersey about 8, i went to bed about 12 with a smaller group of people still at the house... and in between playing hostess for the growing group i managed to make zooom's tabard and a t-tunic in black cotton with flame trim and cut out a skirt to match the corset i'm having made... productive, good day... monday, back at work, don't really want to be here, but i have a job... tonight will be spent doing laundry and sewing some more... maybe i'll get the skirt finished tonight or tomorrow depending on my motivation
Tags: creativity, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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