alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

ok... so here's a lucid update on what happened thursday at nation (for those of you who don't already know)... 1st... a couple of friends of mine wanted to kill one another over something a stupid but cute girl did... then several aquaintences were starting drama - usually i manage to avoid these things; this week wherever i turned there seemed to be immaturity and psychosis... in spite of that i was enjoying myself until a friend told me that the girl i have been seeing had been jumped in the ladies room by another girl... tried to find out exactly what was going on and check on her, but they had taken her to the hospital with a broken nose by the time anyone would tell me what's up... she's fine, but i was/am worried about her and am very unhappy that anyone would do something like this to her, especially at the club... anyway, i called her cell, was told what was going on by the friend who took her to the hospital, and basically was told that she'd call if there was anything i could do, so i went home to bed... didn't actually sleep (too much on my mind) but i made it through friday ok and proceeded to have a decent weekend after getting a response that she was doing fine
Tags: dancing, dating, on the east coast, poly/open

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