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wow it's dead today... maybe i'll continue with my life history

for previous installments, friends can check out my memories section

i started grad school at univ of md college park working toward a masters in theatre design... 1st year was spent playing catch-up (my undergrad degree was in film, so i needed to take things like theatre history and drafting and audit lighting and scene design to bring me up to speed)... worked on multiple shows including the misanthrope (assistant technical director/props for one of the most gorgeous sets jim kronzer designed at md), absurdist comedy in the black box theatre, and le jet de sang (spurt of blood) by antonin artaud - theatre of cruelty piece featuring gallons of stage blood, real and fake entrails, frogs and bugs (gummy of course) falling from the ceiling onto the audience, and a film we called naked and afraid - we shot this at umbc's theatre and working on it i met some new friends, including mike (who i later dated) and phil (zooom's roommate)... the strangest part was that our director (neil fleitel, another grad student) wanted the end shot to be a group of naked bodies throwing open the big roll-up door in the scene shop and running into "the light"... what we didn't know was that there was some frat event going on in the parking lot, so we ran out naked in full view of a few hundred frat boys - the rumors around umbc for the next few weeks were very amusing... also during the spring that year went to my 1st i phelta thigh party and met zooom for the 1st time - decided that he was cute and that i wanted to sleep with him (that took a few years though - one or the other of us was always involved) ended that year with good grades (including an a in the class le jet de sang was performed as part of) and took a brief trip to the new river gorge for some rock climbing before heading off for another tour of shakespeare on wheels - this one was much ado about nothing with the most ridiculous design ever... had to build a 3 story structure on top of the truck every other day, including raising the roof (very precarious operation) using the genie towers for the lights... the tour itself was decent thought, i started dating mike (who was one of the techs on the road with us) and i did get to go to lollapalooza this time - rage against the machine was on the tour - they are soo amazing live... back to school in september, can't really remember what classes i took, more design stuff mostly, i managed to get an assistanceship with dan conway, the new set designer... this was a total disaster, as he and i barely got along, and he thought i should have skills that i didn't when he was aware that i did not have an undergrad degree in theatre before i was given the job... worked way too hard for too little $, but in between studying and assistanceship i managed to do some good work with our resident lighting designer - dan wagner... shows included equus/the tempest for national players touring theatre co, turn of the screw for the umd opera, and something at olney (can't remember what though) also designed lights for several of our little theatre productions - an operetta, a play for neil, and the set for prometheus bound for edie (my best friend, and the person who convinced me i should go to grad school in theatre) - the set for prometheus bound was fun - 2 tons of sand, scaffolding and scrap metal sculpture... also got very ill that winter/spring, a severe bronchial infection, related to but not mono, basically only functional about 8 hours a day... friend of mine chauffered me to and from school (i was still living in baltimore) as much as possible so the functional time could be spent working for dan conway (we were doing into the woods - what a nightmare)... because of my illness i failed a scene painting class i was taking and lost my assistanceship because i didn't get work done fast enough for dan's liking even though i was designing and building props (which i'd never really done before) and doing technical drafts of all the ridiculous set pieces he designed for the show... and everything was done by the deadlines... lets see... i only did build and some tour dates with shakespeare on wheels when they fit my schedule (spent a lot of the summer playing office manager for the theatre/dance departments - betty retired for health reasons) - this was the last season for the company (state pulled the funding), and the show was hamlet... good summer, no school stress plus decent salary made me happy... started trying to figure out what i was going to do for a thesis... decided that multi-media theatre was the best choice since it combined all my areas of interest... back to school for the fall, took a couple of advanced design classes, did 3 more shows with dan wagner including: marraige of figaro for the opera company, another national players tour - romeo & juliet and ??, the little prince at olney, and sondheim's passion at signature (we won a helen hayes award for that - the dc equivalent of the tony's)... i also designed more of our small theatre productions and worked on a few mainstage shows (hair is the one i remember most) and did paid gigs at the shakespeare theatre at the lansburg, olney, and studio... designed sets and multi-media for a part of my thesis project for a production of sondheim's company at a theatre in deleware... good experience, also gave me a chance to visit home (nyc) more frequently than i had in years to shoot photos/video for the projections... on one trip i was wandering through the village and saw a fabulous red vinyl dress in the window of antique boutique - early lip service piece, i've never seen another like it (i bought the one in the window - the only one they had)... that february zooom & i finally went out on our first date... i met him at capitol ballroom (now nation) after a rehersal at studio one sat night... we danced a bit, went to breakfast and took a few of his friends home, then went to his place for what both of us expected to be a one night stand (or maybe a brief fling)... i dragged my ass back to studio the next morning at 10 on about 2 hours sleep for a 12 hour tech rehersal feeling exhausted but happy... in hindsight it is a good thing it took us 4 or 5 years to get together for a real date, both of us were ready to deal with the others quirks by then; if we had started dating when we first met it would have been a fling at best... life with zooom next time
Tags: history (aka life pre-lj), life with zooom, medical, on the east coast

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