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asleep at mal 9/09
4th was fun... 
7/5/02 10:18
asleep at mal 9/09
started the day in fredneck w/ pistol shooting - i killed an old router very thoroughly with my friend's ak-47; the girls got bored w/ the shooting before the boys did (go figure), so the we went inside and relaxed in the ac while they finished killing various computer and electronic parts... following that we went home to drop off the guns and pick up watson & jason, then headed to a b-b-q at chrissy & daves... good food, saw some people i haven't seen in quite some time, so that was good... left there about 8:30 to head to nation... driving down the gw parkway while watching the fireworks over the mall was kinda cool; got to the club and had much fun... good music by all the djs i caught; i was pleasantly surprised by the performance from NCC (am disappointed that their record lable is out of business so i couldn't buy their cd); voltaire was hysterical as expected, and flesh field was great to see live too... over all a wonderful evening, and i even managed to get home earlier than zooom who went hopping to a few other 4th of july events with tyr while i went to the club with watson & jason