alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

my weekend was good overall, although friday night was a bit much for me... left work, ran home to change, stopped at taco hell for some food - their chix quesadilla was surprisingly decent (although it upset my stomach later), drove to pa for my cousin's wedding... ceremony was nice and reasonably short, apparently they read the same bridal magazines as dana & naima though - same color scheme, almost identical dresses for the bride and bridal party... the reception was too much though - family and toby & zach's friends who are nice, but a bit too gq/frat/sorority for me to have much to talk about with... bowed out early and headed to with zooom... met gus there, hung out for a bit, but left early cause dancing wasn't happening (i had danced so much on thursday that as soon as i tried to dance my hip started to become massively painful - damn i hate having arthritis!)... nice space, a bit empty, but between dollhouse and all the 4th weekend events, that was to be expected... slept late, then spent a semi-lazy saturday - watched some of the evangelion dvds dave had lent us and almost finished a skirt - need to do waistband and reinforce the pockets... about 4 we realized that we hadn't heard from gus and we were late for the pool party at john & jamie's... showered, dressed, drove to fredrick... spent some time in the pool, other than that i was kinda quite and anti-social - didn't feel like dealing with all the kids about, so i retreated into a book (forever war by joe haldeman) - read throughout others playing vollyball and when it got dark, they started a fire and began with the fireworks... gus, zooom, tyr and spam set off a bunch of roman candles, played with some other types of fireworks as well; about 10ish, gus & i got changed and headed to orpheus for some dancing... it was a good night, adam, and michael spun good sets, and the guest djs were dana & mindcage from dc... was very cool to see them up in baltimore... after dancing, home to bed (zooom didn't return from john & jamie's til about 5 am - i remember him coming in, that's about it though)... sunday was work day - zooom & i with the help of housemates john & heather emtied out the attics over both garages of all our stuff, sorted out pennsic stuff, threw a bunch of trash out or prepped it for delivery to salvation army, and then re-organized what needed to stay in the attic (holiday shit, good china/kitchen stuff that will stay in storage til we have our own house, etc)... even managed to get some laundry done between carrying stuff... finally finished about 7, ate dinner and relaxed... we decided we'd tackle re-arranging the laundry room and move the dressers we bought downstairs this evening...
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, pennsic/kindred, weekend plans

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