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asleep at mal 9/09
for zooom 
7/15/02 15:06 (UTC)
That is great. I have a new party game. Speaking of parties and stuff, what are you up to friday? I wanna do a little get together. Not really a party perse, but I jsut got the Jan Svanjmaker (weird claymation artist from norway) version of Faust and wanna bring some people over either this or next friday to show it.
7/15/02 15:11 (UTC) - Re:
going out of town this weekend, life is crazy for us until after pennsic... sounds like fun though, maybe some other time :)
7/15/02 16:28 (UTC) - Re:
Is there still space for me if I wanted to come up for a few days? To pensig that is?
7/15/02 16:32 (UTC) - Re:
i'm sure there is be space, unfortunately in our camp, they are not allowing any new people to camp with us this year (limited land - we are between a stream & a road, no place to grow) but you are welcome to come visit, hang out, etc...
7/15/02 22:41 (UTC) - Re:
Oh well. Do you know anyone looking for a pet firebreather?
7/16/02 8:59 (UTC) - Re:
hmmm... they have a lot of firebreathers in northern lynx, but i don't really know them; my best suggestion would be to talk to other folx you know who do go to pennsic and see if you can camp with them; the other option is to do single camping - they have smaller spaces all over war where there is not enough room for a whole clan but plenty of room for a tent or two; you can party and hang out with any of the clans... the more people you meet this year the more likely you will be to find a clan to join for next year
7/16/02 15:17 (UTC) - Re:
Oh ok. I have never actually been to pensig, so this is a first for me. If there is no need for a clan, I am set. I am kinda going under the assumption that I am friendly, flamboyant, don't look my age, and am single for the first time in 3 years. I figure I shouldn't have too much trouble finding somewhere to sleep. :)
7/16/02 15:26 (UTC) - Re:
you are correct on that; bring a tent and a sleeping bag, some periodish garb; you will enjoy yourself, and if you are looking for people you know, most of us camp in the swamp - zooom & i with kindred; karen (bouncy, energetic, currently pregers karen) is with the mcgroines, you should know multiple people at diefledermaus including the rest of my house; we are in/around the e-31 area of the map (or you can ask most anyone)... there are vendors for food up top from the 1st day (sat the 3rd) to the last (sun the 18th); if you are coming for a short period my best suggestion is try to come over or near the middle weekend - you'll get a bit of the less overcrowded and a little of the teeming masses... and to quote one of the bards, if you can't get laid at pennsic war you can't get laid at all
7/16/02 19:13 (UTC) - Re:
Well the sex life isn't exactly lacking. Once again, I am single, friendly, etc. It just is nice to have variety that lives to far away to be drama, but not far enough away to be an irritating drive. :)
7/16/02 19:14 (UTC) - Re:
That and I have been planning to make pensic for years now...and now that I have no other half, all my money is mine. I don't have to pay anyones way! Go me!
7/17/02 8:16 (UTC) - Re:
yeah... if you have problems finding zooom and i, we will have at least one of our cell phones on all the time (in our tent, not planning on carrying them with us unless it is necessary); i'll e-mail you the numbers
7/16/02 22:37 (UTC) - Re:
Define periodish garb...do I want to be a 'period nazi'? or would something more along these lines be sufficient...

7/17/02 8:14 (UTC) - Re:
period nazi is not necessary; the official sca rules are an attempt at period garb; i've seen people in everything from sweatpants and a ren-ish shirt to utilikilts to full formal period... check out pennsic pics on www.black-pages.net or www.pennsic.net for a better idea of the various types of garb you will see