alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

the weekend

was busy, but somehow relaxing at the same time... friday i went by target after work and got really cool feastware ( and found some sorta ren tops that will be great under my light weight chemises on cold nights) then home to find my custom corset from fallen angel ( had arrived (yippee!), had dinner and crashed early... saturday i finished the skirt to match the corset (except for hand sewing - that can be done at work or at war), did laundry, and sorted through multiple boxes/trunks/bags to begin packing up war stuff... also read the complete hitchhiker's guide (again) and took a nap in the afternoon... when zooom got home, we loaded the stuff for salvation army into the car and started to talk about heading to the anniversary party for tracy & craig (sorry we missed it!) when john & jamie walked in... john has been away on active duty since he got called up from the national guard status, so we hung out and visited with them, ordered some pizza for dinner, and got totally sidetracked on other plans for the evening... about midnight they left, at which point it seemed too late to drive to va, so zooom went inside to check his e-mail and i finished my book... got up early sunday to head to robert & kendra's wedding... outdoor weddings in the rain are a rough thing; fortunately by the time the bride & groom returned from dressing, the rain had mostly stopped... the ceremony was nice (kendra wrote it) and short, we had some food, then we bolted to head back to the house for sewing circle/diefledermaus tower building day... kith did a fitting for zooom's new pants which should be done this week, i managed to knock out a floor length black chemise and started ripping apart an ugly robe to turn into a sleeveless cassock for zooom... is, chris, kith, dianne, heather, violet, cynthia, and issac were all working on stuff as well... sam, charlie, christian, john, joel, and kith assembled, trimmed and dismantled the tower for the gate and the new shower tower for diefledermaus, and my cute girl dropped by for a visit and some alone time... twas very good to see her (even if it was only for a few hours - "we need some time w/out a hundred other people around") and we disappeared to my bedroom for a bit of snuggling, which felt kinda rude, but there were so many people there, they could entertain themselves for an hour... i finally went to bed about midnight, slept poorly, got up early to run by zooom's work - seems they've screwed up the paperwork on his extended warrantly and needed me to sign something, only it wasn't prepared or even started... zooom will make them fix it and i'll try again to sign it later... now i'm at work (and don't want to be here)...
Tags: creativity, dating, life with zooom, on the east coast, pennsic/kindred, poly/open, weekend plans

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