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asleep at mal 9/09
slow day at work 
7/16/02 14:48
asleep at mal 9/09
yesterday was slow, then busy, then crazy and annoying, got out of work late because of trying to get a problem circuit turned up, got to ashbet's house late to look at falls for me and braids for zooom... he's getting neon rainbow colored braids for war, i'm getting red and deep purple fall(s) like this http://www.psysheep.com/gallery_cobra.php ... once i got home and ate i passed out on the couch exhausted... today is shaping up to be another not so hot day at work, but at least i have a job, i am also trying to balance the bank account/bills before pennsic to get a better idea of what we can spend at war - bleh... on the bright side of things, i'm going to go see acumen (nation) at jaxx? in va - tix are only $10, i can afford that... the reviews i saw from friday nights show in balto were good... whee
7/16/02 12:10 (UTC) - Yep
They did a really good show Friday, and I would definitely say it's worth the $10 and the trip. See you there!
7/16/02 12:47 (UTC) - Re: Yep
Yeah kimmie. The friday show in Baltimore wasn't bad. Also, I rather liked Fletcher's. We'll have to get a bunch of people to go up there sometime. It's this bar with a hell theme, I think poeple would dig. See you guys on thursday.

Naga Mii
7/17/02 20:42 (UTC) - Zooom's Braids....
You MUST put up pics of Zooom's braids when he gets them.

They sound completely obnoxiously Zooom.

That is all.

Go about your business.

Move along.

Nothing to see here.
7/18/02 8:39 (UTC) - Re: Zooom's Braids....
there will be lots of pics... zooom plans on taking pics every time he does a "costume change" at war; when we get home they will be put onto our website (along with all the other pennsic pics) and i'll post the link