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so here's what we did over the weekend... friday i left work, ran to the store, went home and packed, made zooom get his ass in gear and headed to the cabin - we were staying in a hunting cabin kinda near luray caverns with a big hot tub... got there, zooom having slept all the way, he promptly got naked and climbed into the hot tub, while gus & i unloaded the car & put up tents for us & helped joel set one up for he and stacia... then i climbed into the hot tub and finally relaxed... good conversation, increasing numbers of people arriving (i think the last arrived around 2 sat morning) and lots of hot tub time did wonders for all our moods... saturday we managed to make it to the tubing site just in time, unfortunately, they had no tubes left; apparently they have become busier and we needed to make a reservation... so after scouting the river for a place to swim and finding no where suitable (the bottom was so gross that a step caused pesto sludge to rise to the top) we decided to head to the cabin... a few of us stopped at wal-mart 1st for an inflatable pool to cool off in (98f plus hot tub=heat exhaustion)... quiet, relaxing afternoon, lots of drinking/partying, i actually managed to hem one of my skirts for war in between visits to the hot tub

things got kinda out of hand after dark though... i've realized that i really dislike some of my friends behaviors when they are wasted and i really don't want to be around them in that state... i love my friends, but i'm not attracted to you, and i don't care how far gone you are, i do not want to be hit on... and i'm not real thrilled with being touched in a way that is supposed to "turn me on"; and when i'm 1/2 naked and you're naked and we're in a hot tub, i really don't want to be rubbed against or have you invite me to come share your room... i enjoy your friendship for the brilliant conversations we have and the fun times when things are not out of hand, but out of control is not fun for me and you don't seem to remember the fact that i keep turning you down because you're so plowed...

due to above mentioned behaviors i spent a lot of the evening sitting at the kitchen table talking with some of the more lucid group members... got to spend time talking to people i don't see as often which i really enjoyed... finally about 4am, the hot tub cleared out, and zooom & gus & i slipped into the water for some quiet relaxation... the stars were beautiful, the temp was perfect... it was wonderful... short amounts of sleep were had, then some people headed for tubing; some of us stayed behind to clean up the cabin and pack up our stuff as we needed to head home earlier than the tube trip was to end... the drive home was uneventful - zooom's turn to drive, my turn to pass out

made it home by 6ish, ran to grocery store for food to take to freak day - greek salad, sandwich stuff, fresh fruit, chips, & hummus were the choices for the day; got things prepped and headed off to bed about 11 (zooom was already passed out on the couch and i couldn't wake him, he came to bed about 3am)... got up in the morning, loaded coolers and the car, and made it to the park early... the group was small (only about 16 people), but we had a great time... had a few new freaks up from virginia beach - the add in city morgue brought them to the event... went in and started the day with superman and batwing, an attempt at joker's jinx (it broke) then roar, lunch - fed everyone there since i had plenty for the few people who weren't already part of my crowd, some water rides, pics and mind eraser, two face, and a final ride on superman... as usual, i won the fool-the-guesser on the age (zooom wanted a stuffed iguana); they've never been closer than 5 years off... after the park we went to chevy's for dinner, good food, good company, great way to end the evening, on the way home i got a call from my housemate, seems his van died and he'd need a ride home from the service center it was being towed to... dropped folx off at the house, unloaded the car, waited for his call and went to get him and his stuff, finally made it to bed about 11 dead to the world but happy... all-in-all a superb weekend
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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