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why is it work sucks so much?

i keep reminding myself that it's really good that i have a job, and that things will get better eventually, but boy is this place driving me insane...
day in and day out i deal with incompetent telcos, that i can handle, i fully expect that; since the switchover, the lack of support from allegiance has also meant that i'm dealing with incompetent co-workers (if the tech who can barely do his job doesn't stop asking so many assinine questions over and over again, i'm going to lose it, plus, there are now 3 field techs calling me directly to avoid working with him), broken information systems (ie: i don't have the correct data to make cross connects, configure the equipment, etc), broken communications systems (field techs keep yelling at me because the systems to notify them they need to go to site don't provide half the info they need and the end users are frequently unaware they are coming), and even more stupid customers than usual... i so need things to improve here before i hurt someone!! i need this job, and i like most of the people i work directly with , but my stress level has been through the roof lately, and i am starting to get dangerously close to my breaking point... plus i'm at over 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day, and i smoke cloves - this is really bad!! there are entirely too many days when i want a liquid lunch to keep me calm :(
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