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my weekend was good, went home friday night and slept; saturday i got up early and cleaned up kitchen, ran errands, did laundry, picked up repaired vacuum and sewing machine, and did a bunch of sewing... is came over and helped, she made the kitan for my roman ensemble, now i just need to hem the edges of the overwrap and that one is done... i got started on a reversible skirt out of the purple swirl brocade i picked up at war last year... reversible clothes are a bit difficult, and pockets have been ruled out as an option after several tries... need to rip out the pocket and close up that area, but i'm sure it will be stunning once i get it done... saturday evening i went to see jenny for a haircut (whee - freshly shaved head) and then went to orpheus with gus gus and danced for quite some time...

sunday i got up early to shave zooom's head before he went to get his hair braided, then napped for a bit before resuming sewing... showered and dressed and got ready for Area 2, was finishing up as zooom came home with new braids from ashbet - wow are they gorgeous... to quote him, george clinton got white and lost weight - pics as soon as some go online - may not be til after pennsic though... then a brief stop at his granparents - i fixed grammy's printer (well kinda - it works provided you only load one sheet of paper at a time) and zooom got a temporary repair on pop-pop's electric la-z-boy until he can go back tomorrow to replace the hardware with 400 lb bolts...

area 2 was awesome... we made it from gaithersburg to the concert in less than 45 minutes including parking and picking up tix at the gate and getting through security - they have dramatically improved the traffic patterns into nissan pavillion in the last couple of years.. arrived shortly before blue man group was scheduled to start - front row orchestra seats to boot - woo hoo!! blue man group was awesome, and while they were performing (an audience participation number featuring "Standard Rock Concert Movements" - #1 - head bob, #2 - fist pump, #3 - jump jump jump, #4 - leg extension behind head... was amusing) zooom - aka the white george clinton was so energetic and attention grabbing that a camera man (for ? - mtv ? blue man group ?) spent about 2 minutes recording his appearance and dancing during the next song - zooom on tv? - anyway blue man group was great, we checked out the outside rave tent (not my music) and stuff and wandered about the pavillion during busta rhymes' (sp?) set, then "god" (hfs got something right saturday) took the stage at 7:30 - bowie was phenomenal and his band was really tight - can't remember the whole set list but i was impressed with the music he played off of heathen (including a cover of a song by "the pixies - a little know american band from the 80's" as bowie said - crowd cheers - he responds "why didn't you buy their records - then maybe they wouldn't have broken up"), and was quite pleased with his selection of older music - included china girl, "i'm afraid of american's", and as a final encore "ziggy stardust" - i don't understand how, but he looks about 40, and he's now 58 - at one point, he joked how good it was to be back in the dc area since "i grew up in manassas, and as a matter of fact i graduated from manassas existential college" and that one of his songs was written in 1400... happy, joyous kim when he was done... we stayed for the 1st half of moby's set... i was very impressed with his energy, band, stage presence, etc, however, i only liked about 1/2 the songs he played... my feelings on moby are that he is a great musician and he writes great hooks, now he needs to work on melody and song craft - too many songs are a good hook repeated over a constantly changing musical background for 4 minutes - too repetitive... but then again, that's what i've never liked about rave music... got home exhausted but in a good mood, flame, isaac and heather were still sewing; finally got the last sewers off and headed to bed about 1am, tired but happy i spent the $ and time on the concert - 1st row tickets to david bowie - nyah nyah nyah to all of you who were unable to attend (what were you thinking... the show was amazing, and there were still lots of tix available
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast

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