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making the twitter thread a single post here:

this piece gutted me. … talking with survivors of ‪#‎aids‬ early days in SF, and where they are now.

as someone who outlived her entire community in nyc due to luck of not getting hiv, i am thankful for my life as fubar as it is....

...& every day i struggle i remind myself that the best thing i can do in memory is fight, be angry. also to live, love, find a bit of joy.

i wish lyrica fail hadn't broken my memory; names, faces, loves, hopes & dreams of those i lost are gone forever. just traces & feelings now

but i'm still here, and i carry them in my heart even if i can't remember them properly anymore.
asleep at mal 9/09

custom clothes and costume work on sale!!

get something new for the labyrinth of jareth, renfaire, or start early on your halloween costume. kilts, dresses, skirts, pants, coats and other custom creations including ren/medieval styles are all sale too. i'm offering my sewing skills at a huge discount right now...

while i'm searching for a roommate i'm having to pay the rent on my whole apartment, which is way out of my budget. so i'm offering a special deal right now but you'll need to pay in full by may 30th in order to get these prices. turn-around time will depend on how many orders i get and what you want, but kilts, skirts, pants and dresses i've made before usually take two weeks from start to shipping.

custom kilts and cargo skirts, 'rivet swing' pants, 'princess' dresses or any $200 of sewing for $150 + shipping. if you pick a fabric i have in my stash, that's included; if not, send me your measurements and talk to me about what you want - i'll tell you how many yards you'll need and make fabric recommendations. please note: i do make kilts for people with curves, unlike utilikilts etc.

any $300 of work for $225 (an unlined coat/cassock direct from the pattern for example), any $400 for $300 (a fully lined and custom tailored coat/cassock) and so-on. if i have to ship it to you i'll charge you for shipping when it's ready to send. fabric is the same as above - if it's something i have in my fabic collection materials are included; if not let's talk.

vests; swing influenced dresses; circle skirts; two a-line or straight skirts; two pairs of pirate/ren pants or two t-tunics are now $75 each (or any $100 worth of work).

i can make pretty much anything you can dream up with the exception of corsets (i wear loads of them, but have yet to make one myself). that said i'll be honest if there's something you want i don't think is in my skill set or you'd get a better deal elsewhere. you can comment here, or on the savage gods facebook page or email me (this username at aol)

here's some of what's in my fabric stash...
black & grey plaid, purple canvas with black floral pattern (reversible to plain purple), green, black & white plaid, candy apple red vinyl

white vinyl, black & white stripped canvas

there are lots more plaids, silver/grey crushed velvet, white canvas, black denim, various fishnets, purple sheer with spider web pattern, lightweight cotton jersey/t-shirt material, etc...

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there are more images of my work here: (sorry about some of the image quality - the fashion show and club pictures were taken in low light)

p.s. i also have a lot of clothes and things for sale - everything must go so make me an offer
dresses, tops, pants & skirts:
corsets, bustiers & cinchers:
london underground 9 buckle boots:
shark hand-forged sword pommel katana:

lastly, if you'd like to help out a little but can't afford or don't want new clothes, paypal me $25 and i'll send you a custom cell phone or glasses sleeve or a change purse made out of flannel or velvet or jersey from my remnants - here's what my phone sleeve looks like...
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he is a fantastic artist! any thoughts?
Originally posted by n8_zilla at complaints
hi, LJ! no one reads this, but i'm going to complain... because when i complain elsewhere, no one responds. i'm more desperate than i've ever been to find work of ANY KIND, lest i end up living in my car. very few people seem to actually care.

if someone does actually read this, HELP! know of any job openings in the LA area? or things that can be done remotely? i know how to design things! know anyone who wants to buy a cheap painting? i'm having a sale! i can also do commissions.

what i am not prepared to do is live in my fucking car.

PLEASE, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
asleep at mal 9/09

raid my closet part 3: dresses, skirts, pants, tops - lip service, tripp, made by me, etc

sizes range from 29" waist to 32" waist...

lip service alice style bustle skirt - sold
white with black mandarin style shirt - sold

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other raid my closet posts:
boots - winklepickers
corsets, bustier, cinchers
asleep at mal 9/09

raid my closet part 2 - corsets, bustier & cinchers

these are all too big for me at my current 23" natural waist size; as i plan to stay where i am size wise, i'm offering them for sale at great prices. pieces by brute force leather, house of worship, vollers, tripp nyc, living dead souls & heavy red. if you're not a los angeles local, you're responsible for shipping fees.

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heavy red waist cincher SOLD
burgandy and red cotton striped fabric with black trim, heavy steel boning and busk

p.s. part 1, new rock boots and underground 9 buckle winklepickers is here:
part 3, skirts, shirts, dresses, pants, etc:
my sewing skills on sale too:
and my katana is still for sale here:
asleep at mal 9/09

skull pommel handforged katana for sale

made by Shark (of Shark's Cove at Maryland Renfaire and other faire sites).

this is a hand forged, full tang, high carbon steel katana with a wood grip and brass pommel, ferrule and guard. it comes with a custom made leather scabbard with copper rivets.

blade length ~2'3", grip length to pommel ~1', weight without scabbard ~2.8 pounds.

it's a gorgeous sword, beautifully weighted and i love the stylized skull. i wouldn't be selling this if i didn't have to, but i need to eat...

price including scabbard $1000 (it was at least $1250, but i think the deposit and scabbard were a separate bill and i can't find that receipt).

if you're in the los angeles area, we can arrange an in person meeting for pickup; if not you're responsible for shipping and handling (i shipped it here when i moved from MD to los angeles, i believe professional packing and shipping with insurance ran me about $75).

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i can't believe i have to sell my sword. please help me find a good home for him.
asleep at mal 9/09

raid my closet part 1: boots

new rock boots - sold

underground winklepickers, size 7 UK, barely worn, mid-calf - 9 buckle (similar to
$50 + shipping

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these are fabulous boots, but they're too big and don't have a high enough heel rise for me to wear anymore. the undergrounds are virtually unworn.

i accept paypal, and will ship anywhere you're willing to pay me to ship. if you're local to los angeles, we should be able to meet so you can pick your things up.

expect more posts throughout the week - i'm struggling with bills so i'm getting rid of a lot of clothes that are too big for my new size and i can't easily alter. if you've wanted to raid my closet, now is the perfect time!

p.s. these are public posts, please share them anywhere/everywhere you think might have interest - here, facebook, twitter, wherever. thanks!
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with love (and frustration)... the state of me

hi all… this is not directed at anyone in particular, but i've been overwhelmed by some stuff and wanted to ask everyone to help me out. i love that so many of you care about what's going on with me health wise, that you ask me how i'm doing and listen, that you want me to do things with you. but sometimes the teasing about my newly uber-thin size or my limits, asking me when ?? will be better, or the wtf expressions when i sometimes answer 'how are you' honestly can hurt. and often suggestions on how to fix my body or to just push through something i can't do or that costs too much physically/pain wise are frustrating. so please know that my doctors and i have my health managed as well as possible, i push for the things i can do and enjoy without making shit worse, and if you don't want to maybe hear what ridiculous fubar my body is throwing at me this week (a 50-50 chance i'll babble/vent atm), instead of 'hi, how are you' try 'hi, it's good to see you' or something like that. no apologies necessary, i know you're all coming from a good place, and i probably owe a few of you apologies for venting in your direction after a 'how are you' - but you did ask. also, this is not a woe is me post, but the reality i live every fucking day - it's hard, i'm angry about it, and i screw up a lot when i fail at cope, but i'm fighting to have the best life possible and you all usually make me feel happier, so the recent trend is no doubt an anomaly (i'm stressed out and raw from new to me manifestations of my body fail). i know the hurt is unintentional, that you're trying to help/encourage me... for which i thank you sincerely, but i'm asking you to knock it off for now - i'll let you know when teasing me about my health/size is okay again (once this becomes my new normal it won't be so hard).

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roommate(s) wanted - koreatown area of los angeles (share me?)

roommate(s) wanted.

large 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in koreatown near first and vermont. the empty bedroom is about 10'11" x 15'3" with a 3'4" x 4'5" walk in closet; the living room ~11'6"x14'6" with a small balcony through the arched window/doors and dining room (or office or...) ~10'6x14'6" are also yours.

there's a garage with room for second car and a visitor to park off-street, and a patio area with a pavillion, table & chairs and room for a grill, etc. we have a washer and gas dryer in the utility room (i need to get the washer fixed at the moment, it's not draining properly). this is a pet friendly building (there's a cat, another one or two would be fine as would a small to mid-size pup).

the location is great. because of the large living room and dining room, this would be an ideal place for someone who runs a business from home or needs a home office!

please feel free to share with your los angeles area friends. first month's rent plus security due at move in. contact me to see the unit and discuss rent, utilities, etc.

pictures below are to give you an idea of the space (featuring high ceilings, hardwood floors, and lots of big windows); the empty bedroom and bathroom are being completely repainted this weekend (as of 2/4/16). the living room/dining room are currently being worked on as there was someone living in there previously who trashed the space. the living room will be completely redone and the dining room will be emptied, cleaned and have touch up paint done by the end of the month.

empty bedroom


living room

dining room


this bedroom is the smallest at ~10'x14'6" and still comfortably contains an extra large queen size bed, bookshelves etc and a full size dining room table/work space to give you an idea of how much room there really is...

p.s. anyone can comment but if you're not using livejournal, please give me an email to contact you.
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how is it november 20th already?

hallowe'en weekend was good if a bit much; i worked the door for the hex hallowe'en ball at monte cristo and froze my but off til i got to go get drinks and things cleared out enough for me to dance a little. i also resized the erte cosplay i did in 2008 or 2009; pictures of that eventually when i get the headpiece fixed and someone to take them.

i've been keeping myself semi-busy fixing all the clothes that are too big as i'm down to consistently tiny and tired of having everything pinned on, plus summer wear i can get away with that, but winter clothes are heavy and don't look right or stay on. we had a few weeks of ludicrous cold snap (like down 25 degrees farenheit in a day) weather here, but thankfully we're back to normal for la fall now, 70s and 80s daytime and 50s nights; cold but doable.

inspired by danabren i've been using nonewsomo to help motivate myself to finish some of the repairs and resizing. starting with the erte cosplay (which was technically october), i've completed repairs on two skirts and have one that needs washed before putting it back together smaller, a shirt/vest, my assassin's creed cosplay, and a bunch of fiddly repairs like loose buttons and nightgowns with holes in them. i've also gotten back to work on my new winter coat, which was at the point of needing sleeves, collar, etc when i put it down two years ago, but when i picked it up again it needed 6" of fabric removed in the upper body before i could resume work. now back to fighting with sleeves - i love the finished product this (now heavily modified) cassock makes, but the sleeves are the bane of my existence every time i work on one of them.

i've also been sleeping a ton as it's cold out, and my body doesn't like that so much. often i get up early-ish for me, then go nap in the sun for a while, other days i've spent 16 hours asleep out of 24. but i'm still getting out with friends whenever i can - i've even found center in dance once or twice recently. oh, and i found out that unlabeled, hidden soy is common in vegetable stock much to my anger - a huge pot of split pea soup with ham that i can't eat and made me sick for a week (i dropped two more pounds which i am still struggling to regain) has been fed to friends.

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